Essence has started for me

I know your trying to figure out how in the hell is she able to blog with that crazy schedule. I'm big time… But I have a driver this week that's how come. I have been up since 3:05 am and its now 11:15am and honestly I am hurtin. I done makeup at the Windsor Court hotel been to 106.7 fm radio to talk about makeup and do makeup on the home team and yes even the guys. Back to Windsor Court and now I am headed to the Mayors office at city hall. I feel like I've been a bad girl going to get fussed at but the meeting is about the new show. Then about 5-6 more applications. I had one red bull since I been up. Well gotta go.
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  1. you work really hard that is why you are so successful. i wish i could hear the show. you are going to be hurting the next week.

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