This assisgnment couldn’t come at a perfect time. My client/bride Charmaine is getting marry this weekend in Jamaica and she will be flying out her glam squad. Charmaine contacted me when she saw the press on me after working with Larry King & Brad Pitt for the Larry King Live Show. When I was done from working with them that day I received a phone call from her saying she would like to book me for her wedding. So the time is here and it couldn’t be perfectly plan. My rough schedule with Essence Music Festival has exhausted me so I need a break…cocktails…a beautiful beach…and some fresh mango’s.

So I will be gone Friday-Monday.

Can’t wait to come back with a tan!!!!


One thought on “BGD GOES TO JAMAICA

  1. So you are really an A-List Makeup Artist. I love your job, can I be your assistant but I know you here that often and I bet you don’t have one because your a tough business woman or people don’t really get how hard you work so they think you mean and bitchy. Can’t wait to see your tan.

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