Cheesecake Bistro

I had a fun day today on the set for Mayor Nagin TV Show. Today shooting was cool. We had a really good time and we also was on time…can you believe that?? My boy Franklin Davis was on point making sure everything goes smooth. My girl, Kelder Summers from The Home Team 106.7 fm was the host and is always a pleasure to work with. I gave her semi-sexy lips. At the meeting we had during Essence week at the Mayor’s office that was something that came up. Julie, thought the lips was to sexy last time but everybody else loved it. So, I just gave her semi-sexy lips this morning. Ernest Collins came in and it was good to see him, I love talking with him and he always look out for me. Chief Warren Riley was last but he was in a rush so we had to get him in and out due to his press conference. Kelder nailed those questions and we were done. When I say fast and easy I was out of there in a few hours.

So, I was able to keep my date with my girls to go out to dinner at Cheesecake Bistro. Now, you all know I didn’t select that location, I wanted to do Houston and Shontell at the last minute decided that she wanted to do CB. So, I didn’t have a temper tantrum I said ok. I just wanted to see my girls and have a drink. But, I knew it was going to be some bullshit over there. And, I was so correct.

Since the late Al Copeland passed I feel like that place went way down so I stop going. We were invited to the private grand opening party some time back and the place was AMAZING…The menu had a lot of new dishes and the customer service was on point. But now, it’s so not appealing…the food or the service. Well, this night was horrible. I knew it as soon as I seen this large group of kids from the country still hanging around after Essence weekend. The little boys did something behind my ass when I walked in so I had to say something to him. When we got inside I explained to the host to not seat those teens by me cuz I will be very angry. Yes, I told her that. She said they will seat them on the other side. Well, the other side wasn’t far enough cuz I could still see them and hear them. Then we get our waiter who was just SLOW…service wise and mentally wise…Let me just tell you I will let you know if you are not doing your job well. And he was told. Shontell and her mom said I made him nervous, shit he had me hungry. I order mussels so that should not have taken almost 1 hour. He even took a long time with our drinks and Shontell and her mom food had to get sent back cuz he screwed that up and then when he brought it back out the serving was much smaller. He had enough nerve to ask if we wanted dessert…like I told him so we can wait another 2 hours…hell no!!! I just wanted the check so I could get out of there. When we got ready to leave I let him know again that I was not happy with him at ALL. He said to me….give me one more chance Ms Duplessis, ask for me when you come back and I’ll take care of you. What, do you think I’m stupid so you can spit in my food.

Other than that we had a great time together…we always have a great time!!!

Houston’s on St. Charles…I’ll be back


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