Flight made it

So yall won't be freaking out we made it to Miami safe just really late. Just wanted to let you all know cuz I will not be taking calls or text and I won't be checking voice mail. I called the wireless company and if I just have my phone on its still roaming. Any calls or emails and text that I get and still don't answer it will charge me for roaming. And you know how many emails and calls I get daily we not going to even discuss text messages. I aint A-list makeup artist yet. I'm not trying to spend what I just made. So monday evening I will call everybody back and answer all emails.

I hate that I won't have any access to anybody except michael. Just going to have a great time relaxing and drinking and drinking. What till yall see my tan!!!

Ok, going people watch. Let me know if you all see the article in times picayune fashion insert call WISH. Pick me up some if you live in the uptown area.

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  1. I’m glad you made it as well. I’m a new fan can’t wait to read all your postings and one day come to you when in New Orleans.

  2. wait ms brandy, you better not be trying to move your ass to to the island. i can”t afford to be comin there.

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