A Beautiful Wedding

I arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica safe…after we were suppose to take off the pilot noticed that the fuel tank was empty and noticed that the plane had a slow leak. So the maintence crew had to be brought out. As we sat on the plane watching the crew fix the leak I am on the phone text everybody letting my people know what’s going on. Just in case something happen and my plane was to blow up everybody would know. I love to keep doucments of everything so I was writing down time and names. Finally, we received info that headquarters cleared the pilot to take off. So now I am heading to Jamaica to work…world wide…global makeup artist is the new title!!! When I checked in I waited in line waiting for my turn and then when it was my turn they asked for my name and I gave them my id so I didn’t have to pronounce or spell my name for them. So the guys said he would be right back and steps away from the front desk. Within seconds he is calling me by my name Ms Gomez. He asked if I could follow him and so I’m thinking to myself, “Oh lord, what the hell is going on. What did my crazy ass do now”. So he escorts me in this room and goes, Ms Gomez I brought you in the room cuz your VIP and this room is for VIP and he offers me a glass of water and a cocktail. I almost felt out of my seat laughing so loud. Wait my silly self goes…how ya’ll know about me out here??? I had to put it on tape cuz that was to cute and I knew ya’ll would love it!!!


After checking in I noticed I had less than 30 mins to unpack, take a shower, get a 2nd cocktail, repack my bag, and call for pickup. It look like the guy from the Half Moom Resort didn’t want to leave. He was finding reason to stay a little longer in my room. Finally, I got his ass out and after tracking down my bride who was running late for her makeup appointment. She informed me that Micahel the hairstylist would meet me and we would come to her cottage together in the same cart. Then Michael was late cuz something happen to his cart and he had to find one that was working. That is why I paased on driving myself around cuz I didn’t want to mess nobody shit up. Then have to be working for the resort to pay for the damn thing.

Michael arrives and we get to Charmaine who was already dress and ready to walk out the door to go to dinner. We had about 5 mins to do hair and makeup on her. So we are both rushing trying to do makeup and hair as she is getting ready to head out of the door.

As we are trying to get her together a staff member from the resort comes to pick up her dress to steam it for tomorrow. But due to the lanaguage barrier I decided that we will just take care of it and Michael and I dealt with the dress. So Charmaine gives me her key and invited me to stay and enjoy myself and her cottage cuz she had a private beach and get drinks. Michael and I waited around for a few mintues and the guy comes back the second time and he finally takes the dress and we hitch a ride with him. I think his name was Dwayne.

I go back to my room to get my mp3 player, Micahel goes back to his room to take a nap and we met up later on the beach. I finally get myself food and a few cocktails and fall asleep on the beach. It was so quiet and the weather was perfect a very cool breeze and to hear the sound of the birds and the ocean I was out. Plus, I was tired from Essence weekend so I was really overdue.

The big day has arrived and I set up on one side and Michael is on the other. We started a little earlier than plan since more ladies were added on last night. So I didn’t get my 2 hours beach time like I wanted but I did get some time. What was perfect about my room was my door is right on the beach so I didn’t have to go far. When I step out of my door my feet touch the sand. SWEET!!!!!

My first person was the niece who was a very pretty younglady. I gave the girls what else but a bronzed look. It went perfect with everybody skin tone and of course with Harold Clarke Courtier dresses….Harold Clarke is AMAZING. I love him so much. Harold and Iona are awesome together. I know he was excited about this client cuz this is his hometown. This is where we really start working getting everybody ready but at the same time we had fun playing around talking about New Orleans in basically everything. At the end Charmaine looked like a little princess and her dress from courtier designer Harold Clarke was gorgeous.

Now it’s time to party!!!!

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  1. brandy you are so awesome. don’t worry that you are in new orleans you are working it girl doing it up big. don’t worry the world will come around and see you are just as good as the makeup people in los angeles keep up the good work they will acknowledge cuz you are bad, baby.

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