Andy Warhol Private Party

I almost forgot about this event because we I was invited some time back. I had wanted to wear this really cool Andy Warhol dress that is a collectible but was not able to get it because I was out of town and didn’t get a chance to ship it. The Andy Warhol party was held at my favorite spot…The W Hotel on Poydras Street. If you ever trying to find me this is the place. What I liked about this event was that it was from 4:30pm-7:00pm. The drinks was on point. My 14 cocktail for the evening was The Celebrity Crush. It started out with a raspberry taste then it goes into this creamy minty taste and back to raspberry. Carlyn and Michael was drinking some lemon flavor cocktail it remind me of a lemon drop. Those were the ones that you got when you enter the event.

But when my boy Laine saw me he said he had a drink for me that he knew I would like. That’s said I know…when the bar manager know my taste bud. As usual it was invited guest only and that’s my favorite type. Don’t have to deal with the bullshit, youngster, and negative/shady energy. Everybody were all working class people that is doing something so it’s always good to network and like always I walked away booking a gig for August 29th…a fashion show.

We had our favorite bartender, we always seems to get her or maybe Laine always give us her. Because the event was open bar I always make sure I take good care of our bartender with a nice tip. She always keep filling up our drinks when she see we are getting low and is always pleasant. So I like to take care of people who go out there way…customer service is very important to me. You all know how I get when I don’t get top notch customer service…CRAZY

I didn’t see who the DJ was but the music was great. Paparazzi was out this evening. Every time I looked around we were getting our pi taking and you know how I love getting my picture taken. I met this one photographer by the name of Josh who probably had about 30 frames of just me alone. So I took a picture of him at one point. I think he loved it. I don’t know where all the press was from some were local like Times Picayune and and some were the client photographers and others were the starwood/hotel photographer.

Another thing that was cute was they had an area set up where you can take pics on site and they were like the Andy Warhol pop art. I have about 4 of them…so when you come to the studio you will see it in my office.

It was good to see friends and associates there. My ladies Laura Tenyson and Erica were there and we shared a cocktail and chatted up for a minute. Missed our Shontell she was MIA for a minute due to school so we can’t wait to have her join us again for nights out.

The night ended at 7pm and we wanted to get home due to Project Runway and this year is an important season for me being a part with L’Oreal…how cool is that. I was also given a special gift at the end and only a few people were able to have an Andy Warhol pillow. I love my life…I am such a big fan of Andy Warhol. I even have an Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol pop art picture in my living room.


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