Triumph Motorcycles Fashion Show

One of my girl’s, Jamielynn with Inside of JL’s Closet had her event tonight at Republic Nightclub. The Triumph Motorcycles Fashion Show started at 12am and when we arrived at 12:05am they already had craze going on outside.

After finding out which line was the VIP line the girls and I go inside to now find the area that baby girl set up for us. She really took care of us with champagne and mixers.

This is not a regular spot for me and that’s because I am getting old maybe. The show was awesome my favorite was the skateboard guy on stage while the models walked the runway. I was proud of her and just honor that she wanted me to see her do her thang and she did it well.

The girls and I had a great time amongst each other and of course we had the regular foolishness lurking around. I love it when people like to announce who they are and what they do. If you have to advertise that your a MBA player and have to count your folded up $1 bills then you must not be that good…so I had to put a lot of these young men out and feelins got hurt..
When I was with Reggie Bush not one time did this boy have to keep telling me what he had, shit if I didn’t know by being in the jet then I’m blind. Even Brett Farve didn’t have to keep telling me what he had, when I didn’t know who he was he didn’t get an attitude. I remember when he came in he had this t-shirt on and it was kinda small and dirty and when I turned around I saw this man walk in the room. I knew someone was coming cuz I heard the truck. So, after I turned around I said hi and he said hi and I just turned back around. He asked what’s going on and I go, “I’m waiting for Brett Farve, to do his makeup”. He goes cool, he walk towards the chair and took off his sweaty t-shirt and said ok, I’m ready. And we both just laughed. I think he thought it was kinda cute that I didn’t know who he was and we hit it off the entire time after that. This man house and all that land is breath taking. So, I thought it was funny hearing guys trying to sell themselves all night because we were in what everybody called the VIP area. I keep saying “I’m not that girl”, all that don’t impressed me.

We stayed out until 3am couldn’t handle to much of after show. When these guys liquor kicks in so does the ego. This young guy who was celebrating his birthday came over and ask if him and his friends could join us in our area. You know me I’m a sucka for being nice I said sure come on in. The area was to be big for just the four of us. He was a gentlemen cuz he brought me a bottle of MOET for letting him in my area. They don’t make many like that…and when we got ready to leave they had the VIP area to themselves. He picked up some street girls for his birthday and they were not to happy about him spending time with us. The sad thing is he was just thanking us and they were not happy with their appearance so they got jealous and started acting crazy. How sad these young girls are.


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