Dr. Visit

It's been three years since I last saw a doctor. I known, don't talk about me. But I don't do doctors, hair salons, spas, dmv's, etc. I don't have time to wait and wait. Like yesterday, I was here at 1:00pm and I took myself off the books for 3 hours. Well, after not being seen by 3ish I put my clothes back on and left. Shit, it was cold sitting in there with just that ugly gown on so I was ready to leave. I told the nurse, look I can’t wait any longer. I have to go and I’ll do in another 3 years. By the time I got to my car in the parking garage the nurse asked if I could come back in for 10am tomorrow but I could not take that time. I have the photo shoot for 12 noon. So she asked if I could come in at 8:30am. I was able to do that one and here I am back for the 2nd time. I am sitting here in this cold as room again with this gown on. I played in the mirror, touched up my makeup, put more body spray on, did some emails and now doing my blog. Yesterday, I was mad…I was like just give me some swaps and I'll swap myself. I made tinkle in the cup, you took my pressure so I can just leave and you all can run test and let me know the results. But…they wouldn't go for it. I hope this is not an all day thing again.

Let me finish checking emails

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