Doctor visit update

So, here is the update. My anemia has gotten worst I am walking around her and flying all around the world with very low blood again. So, that is why I have been exhausted and why my body is shutting down. It usually don't take me this long to get over working long hours and working 2-3 weeks straight. So I have to do another blood transfusion which I am hating. I have 3 more appointments with other specialists and I have an ultra sound schedule as well. My doctor lost me when she started telling me about cyst, abnormal stuff and some other things that is the inside of my body. All I was thinking about was “I can't be taking days off”. I think at one point I said it out loud and my doctor said “brandy, don't make me shut you down. I will admit you to the hospital for a week so you can sleep and get better”. And I know she will cuz she has been knowing me for sometime now, MAC and Belladonna days. So I was like, “what do I have to do”. I have to start taking days off which is hard for me. I don't do well just laying in bed. I have to do MAKEUP and LASHES everyday!! But if that will help me before I start touring in two months I may have to do it. I put my body through BOOT CAMP. Touring is no joke!! Then she said I had to go get blood work today, I made a face cuz I have a photo shoot today at 12:00 with Ladybrille Magazine. The doctor goes Brandy!!! I'm just fussing as I was getting dress that I can't mess this shoot up with going get some blood work. My nurse gave me my 3 appointments and told me to call her if I need to reschedule. Monica was my nurse yesterday at the first appointment. When I walked out yesterday she was the one that called me and said my doctor wants to see tomorrow. She told me that I have to take this serious. I went to get the blood work and I asked the girl if she could move me up cuz I have a shoot that I need to get to and that I don't have time to wait. They had me schedule for 11:35 am so I pulled a diva move and it work;) she called me like 5 mins after I sat down. I brought my 2 prescription in and went to the studio. Got myself together and two clients stopped by to see about me doing a wedding on Oct 19th but I will be on tour so I don't know how that is going to work. I'll think of something. I did give her some numbers but I don't think she will call cuz they normally don't. I finished getting ready and then Jerome arrived. We started doing pics of me while I waited for the writer and the photographer. The shoot went well we had a great time. I was able to see the pics and I loved them all. I did 2 clothing changes because I don't know what the editor want. So this way she has lots of pics to choose from. The makeup on the model I think came out amazing I was happy with the looks I gave her. I just have to make sure I am ok with the questions they asked me. Then I had 2 clients after that and one was one of my clients from 3 years ago. I love her…Lorna is so sexy and always have cool clothes and accessories. So it was so good to see her again. Because I have no voice and my body is shutting down I had to pass on two parties tonight; Ritz Carlton and Julie who is the Mayor photographer bday bash. I am just glad I made it through this long day. So home I go and Michael is going to pamper me as usual but now a little more…yeah!!


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