LadyBrille Photo Shoot

After an early morning at the doctors office I had to get back into work mode and mentally get ready for the LADYBRILLE photo shoot. This photo shoot was a 2 and 1. Ladybrille magazine ( is doing a story on me and I also had to do makeup on the writer Toya Thomas. Toya also does poetry and is a talented artist. She was a great girl and I actually learned a lot from her about how my daughter is feeling and seeing the world and we also talked about how this new generation is thinking here…SELFISH, DON’T WANT TO GRIND…NOT LOYAL…JUST USE ANYBODY TO GET TO THE TOP…EVERYBODY WANTS TO GET RICH FAST…

Toya who represent Ladybrille brought photographer Christina Freedom who was awesome to work with and I asked my photographer Jerome Holmes of ( who is an amazing photographer and I always enjoy working with even though he says I always bully him since back in the days… I’m not a bully I’m just outspoken:))))

We started the shoot at 12:00 noon and we shot for about 3 hours or so. The shoot went well and everybody was able to network and mingle. No shady people at this shoot. I have to tell you later about this other things that is going on with other makeup artists stealing pics and things off my site, befriending myself and people they see in my pictures to get in the circle to find out my resources, and so much more. Thanks to everybody who has been updating me with what’s going on out there. I keep trying to help other hair and makeup people because I want to but I don’t like being used. Taking things off my site, copying my web site and doing blogs, naming your company the same as mine just adding 1 more letter to your company names so your site can come up when people goggle me won’t makeup your work like mine. I had to work hard and I paid my dues. I worked for free, I cleaned brushes, I was humble, I was loyal and I didn’t stab people in the back to get to where I am now. I scarify, I didn’t buy a luxury car, I didn’t go shopping, or get my nails done every two weeks, or etc. I worked very hard. If you have followed my career or read some of the interviews I explained that I worked my ass off. So try to shit on me, stealing from me, or not being loyal to me after I hooked you up with assignments is not going to get you to the level you want. In this industry people in NYC and/or LA will see right through you so keep those bad habits right here in New Orleans. I know I was suppose to talk about it later but it really got to me. Cuz I have done nothing but help many people in this city and now it makes me not want to help all of these people that call me daily about giving them work. Half of these people that call me I don’t even know their full name but still I try to help.

Moving on…I am excited about everything and can’t wait for you all to see the new pics let me know what you all think??? And I am excited about this new interview that comes out next month. So this makes 2 in August…one in LADYBRILLE and one in TIMES PICAYUNE again.

The last set of pics is Toya…I wanted to give her a few different looks because I wasn’t sure what LADYBRILLE magazine wanted me to do with the makeup.


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