White Linen Night

This is one of my many favorite nights that New Orleans host “WHITE LINEN NIGHT” so I had to lock this event in my book. It’s because I have been blessed to attend only 2 real white linen night in the Hamptons when I worked in the music industry and have been hooked since. Anyway, I had a very long day but I was mentally prepared so that way I would be able to work all day, and attend the two parties that was most important…to me at least. Sarah B. who is the writer for Mayor Ray Nagin. She was my first for the day and she was taping I believe her last footage for Nagin TV show before returning back to New York this month. Did a few lashes had a meeting with a young lady who is writing a book and she wants to use one of my makeup picture in her book as a character. Then Ms. Treasure came in for a photo shoot she was about 30 mins late but I was able to get her done in time and I can’t wait to see the pictures…My last person for the day was on location I had a wedding at the Lowes Hotel. Kawana is a friend of another bride that I did last year by the name of Mona. Kawana was a very pretty girl so I really didn’t have to do much to her. She have this amazing face that she could rock anything so I can’t wait to see her pictures as well. I had to have her ready by 5pm and I must say I am good about keeping my brides on time.

After working since 8am I headed home to get in production for this evening events. The first event was at the CAC. Ray Wooldridge, the President of Stiletto Vodka formerly of the Hornets invited us to attend his event so Michael and I went to that first. Showed face and say hi to a few associates. Carlton Mickel and Beth Ann was there hanging out but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture with Ray:((( The drinks was perfect you know I always find a way to the bar or should I say it finds me.

Long time buddy Kano who owns Kunflama Boutique was also hosting an event and that was the second and last spot for the evening. A lot of the crew was there. My buddy makeup artist Jessica was in town from Los Angeles so we met up there. I missed Anais with the baby but hubby Marco was still out like a ROCKSTAR that he is. My girl Laura was there oh…Jerome Holmes finally made it out there as we were ready to leave.

Couldn’t stay out to late cuz Michael and I were leaving the next day and I didn’t pack a thing.

It’s always great to be out amongst peers that love, support and respect you.


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