Brett Farve

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Lord…I didn’t know that this man was all that. Here I am at this man house for a photo shoot in May 2007 and I didn’t know who he was. But, now…I can’t turn on the television, read a paper, or magazine without seen “BRETT FARVE”.

I wish I could just give him a big hug right about now. I just feel so bad for him. He was such a sweet guy and was such a gentlemen and a pleasure to work with. We hit it off right away, he got my jokes, you all who know me know that I speak a certain way and he got it. At one point the client asked if we knew each other cuz he took to me and that didn’t happen at the last shoot with the other makeup person. But, that’s my energy. Anyway, I just had to pull out my pics from the shoot…shit we acting like the man died…

Ok, Brett good luck and hopefully I’ll get to work with you again, soon.


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  1. I saw how that man was smiling at you. White men love them some BGD! If he ask for you again then I’m telling Mike. But Brett Farve is FINE!

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