R.I.P. Bernie

WOW…I just heard about Bernie and I am shock this morning. I had the pleasure to work with him a few times starting back in 2000 as well as his daughter Je’neice when she lived here in New Orleans attending school at Xavier University.

My heart goes out to his family…he was such a REAL Man and he loved his family and was so passionate about his work. He will be truly missed.

LUV U Mr. Mac and it was a pleasure to have worked with you while you were here!!! Thanks for supporting and understanding that hiring me was going to help me make a name in the industry. Not a lot of black people in the industry that makes it reach out to help someone else who is also trying to do the same or mentor the next person. But B. Mac knew the hustle in the entertainment industry and didn’t mind putting money in my hand and I respect you so much for that. Half of the time he didn’t want makeup but he knew if he had me around and say that’s my MAKEUP ARTIST it will get me a few more gigs. I am going to miss u!!!


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