7 & Donnie Klang "Rolling Stone"

For the most part everybody knows that I use to work in the music industry years ago and some of the record labels that I worked for were some of the top ones in the industry. That’s when the music industry was the shit!!! Music was at it’s highest. You all know I interned at Tommy Boy Records. Then I went to Bad Boy Records….yeah I know…right. Gave Diddy four years of my life and I also worked with Arista Records. At Bad Boy Records, my boss was Shawn Prez “I use to always catch the brick” because I had a lot of mouth. When I was young I use to have a very bad temper and was this tough chick that wanted to do everything and anything guys could do. So I didn’t fear anything…I was wildin out back then. I have to one day share some stories with you all about the crazy things that I use to do. I don’t think you all are ready…Ms Nicole Robinson…I know you have some stories just as crazy so stop laughing:)))

Anyway, my kids have been keeping me up with Diddy new show “I Want To Work For Diddy”. Yes, what you all see it is just that. I do think that’s why I am crazy, don’t sleep just work work work. I do feel that working there has taught me so much and that’s why I am very tough and very hard to please. So when these young people come at me crazy about working for me and they send me texts, or email me on myspace, or write things like…I want 2 work 4 u…and there emails I just hit delete. Ok…I am getting off track…

I wanted to tell you all that I have fallen in love with music again…This new single “Rolling Stone” by 7 & Donnie Klang is the baddest thing I have heard in a minute. That joint there took me back…back to a place that I have not been in a long time…feelings and thoughts was playing in my head that I’m spinning….NO JOKE SON…if you have not heard this track I suggest you go to my blog I have it on there and I have it on my mp3 player so I have been playing this joint like all day for the last few days. I got tears in my eyes…SERIOUS…If this song is not being played on your favorite station I suggest you start calling and carrying some picket signs outside the stations or something.

That’s my SHIT!!! I don’t know what else to say but press the repeat button…


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