Ladybrille Interview from LA

Ok guys, here is the link to the interview that was done in Ladybrille Magazine in Los Angeles. I am so excited that it’s finally out. This was such a fun day and working with everyone was easy…no diva’s on the set. The interview and the photo shoot took place at my studio. I just want to thank Uduak Oduok the Publisher /Editor-in-chief for believing in me and wanting to put me in her magazine. It means a lot and it shows that the industry is not seeing me as a New Orleans Makeup Artist but now as a National Makeup Artist. Ok, enough already here is the link to read it….


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  1. You Go Girl!I went to that site and you must be getting some buzz cuz they in LA & South Africa. The interview was really good and I can hear you saying it the part about buying makeup and having a makeup kit. You know I feel you when these new hair stylist come in and think they know it all cuz they went to Sally's. Keep up the great work never tired of seeing what you are doing. Oh…if you and your family need a place to go to for the hurricane you all can use my husband family and friends discount. I am serious stop being proud missy. Be safe

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