Kathy Griffin…eat your heart out

Everybody knows how much I love comedian Kathy Griffin. I always refer to myself as the black Kathy Griffin in the beauty industry. Well once again, I found myself in this crazy red head shoes. If you didn’t know Passport Magazine(www.passportmagazine) is a gay magazine. I was asked to be the Makeup Artist for their fashion show at The W. Hotel on Friday evening. The designer for the show was Andrew Christian based out of L.A.

So, I was surrounded around 12 male models some straight and some gay. The audience was filled with very prominent sexy business men who were all GAY and they just loved my black ass. All night they kept telling me that Kathy Griffin was about to get replaced. You know I was lovin it and was playing it up all night. So, I just want to put it out there…KATHY GRIFFIN, there’s a new QUEEN B in town…well at least in New Orleans.


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