Hurricane Update

I am getting ready to head home and at the moment the fashion show is still on at 7pm at the W Hotel. The client just gave me 5 grill to go that can be used only 1 time. How sweet was that. Anyway, we are for now going to head to my mother in law who is in Baton Rouge. Now if it hits Baton Rouge area and not Florida then we will head to a property in Orlando, FL.

My state of mind is not good and I am trying to stay busy. The kids are very emotional Michael told me earlier especially Jordan. He has been crying all yesterday. He's afraid and don't want to lose everything again. Envy, is just not saying much and I feel like I am ready to crack. My head hurts and I feel like I need to throw up. Just being able to vent to you all keeps me from breakin down. Honestly, I don't think I can do this again. I can't rebuild anymore to old and just tired.

So this may be my push to L.A.

This is not a GLAM LIFE
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