Leaving New Orleans

It's about 2:58 in the afternoon on a pissy hot Saturday day. I am sitting in the car waiting for pizza from Papa John. Michael and I both are not in any mood to cook after dealing with packing up the house and studio. Since we are leaving NEW ORLEANS tonight I want to make sure the kids have some type of food in their stomach before we get on the road. I wanted to do something fancy from CHEZ NOUS cuz this may be our last meal in our home. While I was on Magazine st I noticed they were closed like so many other stores. So pizza will just have to do tonight.

We will be heading out tonight when it cools off maybe the traffic may clear up as well. I just hate spending all of this money and have to plan on rebuilding our lives again. Don't worry I took my brushes girls so I can do you anywhere I end up.

The police and military is out strong so this makes me feel so much better. I don't have to worry about anybody breaking in. I called brinks security to update them with additional phone numbers just in case we lose signals on the cell phone. But since Hector and Jose is in the back I am not worry my people got me. They don't mind staying and they want us safe and gone.

I will update everyone through the blog so feel free to leave me messages/ comments. Michael mom don't have Internet access and trust I have already contacted her to see if she can it turned on while I am going to be there a few days. You know I'm spoil, anyway if I don't get my way then that may be your best way to play with me ok.

Luv u guys and u all be safe as well.

I need lots of cocktails this weekend so I don’t have a breakdown:))

Glam life of a makeup artist…I don't look glam today!!

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