Gustav is here in Baton Rouge

It's 8:59 pm and I am in the guest room at my mother in law home. She didn't rebuild in her gentilly home. She said she did not have the strength to go through what we are now. The rain is starting now and the cable has been going out a little. Michael and Jordan are getting flashlights and candles together so we are ready for the lights to go out at some point.

We made it to Baton Rouge last night at 1:16 am and we left New Orleans at 10pm. I didn't sleep a lot the babies could not get comfortable so I walked them a few times 2, 4 and 6am. Shit I couldn't sleep so I figure they would get tired at some point. But I think they put me to sleep. I was in so much pain but I forgot to get my prescription filled so I just went to bed in pain and the red stripe beer helped:)

I woke again around 9ish to check on the kids. They were waking up as well. My mother in law was setting up to cook breakfast but I don't do breakfast and I was not in the mood to eat. I freshen up to feel better try to do some calls and emails. Just was in so much pain still and my arms and hands are swollen so I decided to take one of my pain pills and was out.

Awaken and was ready to get some invoices done. Went through the pictures from Andrew Christian underwear line at the W hotel. The event was given by Passport Magazine. Made more calls and trying to stay busy don't want to think about what is about to the city on tomorrow.

I am just ready to get back to work even if its not in New Orleans. If anybody need me please call me I am going crazy being out here in Baton Rouge doing nothing. I don't do well just waiting and sitting watching tv and talking about nonsense stuff. So I am back in the room working doing my new kit.

So, I will keep you all posted as long as I can. Pray for us all New Orleans people.


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