New Gig for 2009

I know it's late, well not really…just 11:42 pm and just finishing up for the night. A young lady from the island name JAN contacted me about writing for her magazine. We have talked some time back and due to Katrina we lost touch. But recently we have been emailing each other and because we both have crazy schedule we have been playing email tag. Well, tonight she contacted me and wanted to know if I would want to start in Jan 09 writing in the beauty section. I am so excited because now I will be able to tap into a new market. A market of island people…so that should be cool, right? I will keep you all posted. I know it seems like far away but trust me its not. Its actually right on schedule. Magazines are 4 months ahead so I got to get on it. And I got to get off my black girl cuz Michael is doing the countdown. No more work while in bed, ok good night.

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