New Orleans Magazine Photoshoot

Tonight was a long ass day. This assignment was pushed back due to Hurricane Gustav. Because the magazine needs to go to print in two days this photo shoot had to happen regardless of what time we wrap. The morning started off bad, it rained and rained and rained. The shoot was called off twice before it happen this morning. So we restarted at 9am and the evening was so long. Everybody was AMAZING to work with. The only new person on this assignment was the model in since the hairstylist could not make it due to the weather the model asked her personal stylist to come out to help. The model looked like Scarlett and had lips like Jolie so she was a great face to work on. We started at Greg, the photographer studio and then we went to the quarters at this great home of an artist. This house was huge, very historical, everything still from the early days. We stayed until 5pm and headed back to the studio and we worked until we collapsed.

Hope the pictures looks great cuz we did looks that was very different for this magazine.