Another Veuve Clicquot Event

Before I get ready to go on tour for a month with L’Oreal cosmetics I had to squeeze in another night to party. So when I received my personal invites to attend VEUVE-CLICQUOT private party…you know I couldn’t turn it down. Tonight event is actually an early one it’s from 7-9pm so I was not going to be out late just late enough to feel like an adult. So I went casual wearing with I went to the studio in and my hubby and I met up.

My girl Carlyn met me out and baby girl Jackie came out but she stayed after 9pm I’m sure.

I was so proud of myself, I only had 2 bottles of champagne tonight since I knew I had to go home and get some work done. It was a nice turn out not to many people just enough to move around in not having to bump into anyone. By now you all know who Laine (Wiskey Bar-Bar Manger) is…through the blog kept trying to feed me more bottles but I couldn’t do it. He was trying to get me to be bad. I was on my best behavior can you believe it.

This may be the last event that I do before heading out…I THINK


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