Photo Shoot…Behind the Scene

Running behind this morning…not so like me but it was out of my control…made it to the studio at 10:30am. I wasn’t late just wanted to get there before everybody else and unwind before starting. The girls (ELSA AYAKA& SHANNON)were already outside. Shannon is a dancer at Harrah’s Casino so that is how Ayaka found her. Elsa is a fashion stylist who is making a name for herself here in New Orleans. Courtlin, the third model will not be joining us until 3ish at the 1st location. The hair stylist was running late and she works at a salon I think she said on the westbank. This is my first time working with this group except for Ayaka so I hope things go well and everybody pull their own weight…no time for slacker’s.How can I forget Ryan Nello, the photographer…Yes, this boy moves like a snail but he can produce so it’s all worth it at the end.

Ryan was very late getting to to the first location on Poydras so we didn’t have a lot of time to shoot. We had to be out of the building by 5pm. So that suck…We headed back to my studio to do the second look. By this time everybody was getting tired and silly. The hair girl boyfriend kept calling in stressin her so I think later her mind was not on hair and was more rushed that she didn’t pull of the hair styles like I wanted. That’s why I always tell anyone who want to get into this industry. Make sure your spouse or friend understand what the work hours is like. This industry is hard and if your mate is needy then this is not the field for you.

Once I got my mind right I was able to produce and do what I do best…MAKEUP…The hair girl was not prepared so I had to send her to Sally’s to get more things for her kit. What she had could not and would not pull off what I needed her to do. Because this was her first time I cut her some slack but if she would have went on another set like that in a larger market they would have dismissed her…first time or not.

Shannon was given me a hard time about my music selections…she thought I listen to more white music then she did. Y’all know I love me some New Kids On The Block, Britney Spears, Madonna, Hilliary Duff, John Mayer, Robyn, and etc…I can’t work with that gangsta junk…just can’t get creative.

The second location didn’t happen until 8ish. We finally finished around 10pm. I can’t wait to see the pics hopefully Ryan will have them ready before I go on tour.


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