Checkin In Hotel

Hey Guys, checked in the hotel a little after 9:30pm. This hotel does not have a pool…that sucks so I can’t go sit out tomorrow on my birthday by the pool. I do have to work so that is why I am not going back to New Orleans. But, I will have a bash at The W. Hotel when I get home. I only have to work a half day and not a full 12 hour shift.

Sandra, my roommate has been the first to kick off my B-DAY.
She is just getting here and she stopped to get me a chocolate German cake and cocktails…my favorite. I have a feelin that tomorrow will be nothing but cocktails. I already unpacked and went to my favorite site to see what is going on with New Kids on The Block ( I love to see what Donnie crazy ass blog about. He talks a lot of shit…but you know I love it!!!!


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