As usual my old girl pal Wendy from New York was the first to call me (6am)to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Wendy has always beat everybody to it cuz she’s an early bird and since we were young she would be the first to get at me…that’s why I love her crazy ass…Wendy is the Koffee Brown video girl that I always talk about. Anyway, I had to work today and I didn’t mind but I didn’t know it would that busy. This was the first time on this year tour that they scheduled a hectic day. No lie, within 1 hour I spoke with a little over 100 women. It was out of control I was not ready for it. We needed some crowd control or something. Women after women was just coming in. I wasn’t planning on working that hard. The crazy thing is I was not doing makeup, the tour manager was stress cuz they didn’t know it women were going to bombard us like this. So when I arrived, she just said stand here. So I was just standing there looking cute and speaking to everybody that was coming in and answering questions. And before I knew it I was surrounded by L’Oreal lovers that Stephanie another makeup artist was like I saw you needed help. I was not giving out anything, no sample no nothing. I finally made it on stage to do what I love and that’s makeup. Back to back until 3ish. The girls got me colorful cupcakes and we shared with everybody. Cuz we are not MEAN GIRLS. I love my girls…they help get me through the tour being away from my own family and friends.

Later that evening I headed back to the hotel to get ready and Debra my other roommate arrived shortly after. Debra was coming back from an event with David Klasfield, owner of OCC Makeup. He had an event that she went to help with so I covered her shift so she would not lose points with L’Oreal. Yeah, David is the guy who sent me the makeup for All Star Weekend to us on the A-List celebs. He’s a good guy and Debra is so blessed to work with him on special events. I tell her that all the time. So we had to catch up and talk about everything before we getting ready to head to the Martini Ranch. Plus, I needed to take my excedrin so I don’t wake up with a bad headache.

The girls called to say they were on their way to the Martini Ranch and we finished getting ready and met up with; Lisa Mallard, and Cassie Cole both makeup artists. Sandra was running late so she arrived a little later. We had a great time, I had a few wedding cake martini’s and a mango martini, and the bellini martini’s. Order the grilled chicken so I could have something in my stomach. The drinks were $3 and the girls kept buying me drinks. Cassie is so funny she did the Cassie shake allnight for us. It’s so funny that you have to see it in person. We just laughed and laughed all night. Just felt good to get out of the hotel and away from work and just do me…


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