New Kids on The Block is in New Orleans tonight and I am so not a happy camper about it. It has been what 15 years and I am missing the show. Not to happy today…I have to get through the day knowing that I won’t see the show at home in most likely will miss the show in Dallas since I am working up to 10pm. If I hear one more client tell me they got tickets I am walking off the stage. Everybody that mentions NKOTB, the girls sends them to me thinking that bullshit is funny. You all should see the sour face I am walking around with. I don’t understand why everybody is confused about why I like the group so much. Don’t matter how many A-List male celebrities I have worked with they are not NKOTB. Yeah, Brad Pitt is cute but he don’t have Donnie swag…let’s be real.

So, I just have to figure out a way to get to the show in Dallas. First, I need to find out where the hell the show is. My head is hurtin again, thinking way to hard.

This is so not a GLAM LIFE OF A MAKEUP ARTIST…at least not today or tomorrow.

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