Saturday Night In Dallas

After unpacking my stuff at 8:24 pm, I hurry to jump in the shower so we could go out to eat and get drinks. Debra was done way before me because she checked in the hotel at 4pm so she had enough time to relax and unwind. Baby Girl went to the pool and everything before I got in. I was pretty fast at getting ready didn’t do much with hair and makeup. Shit, I was going as casual as I possibly could be. I just didn’t want to sit in the hotel and be bitter.

Today wasn’t to bad, the crowd was very deep but all of the women that I had was really cool and everybody wanted to hug me tonight. Even though I wasn’t to happy this morning I don’t how it when I am working. I do make sure every women get an positive experience and leave me feelin good about themselves and I think they did. I only wanted to go out tonight and drink and have dessert because I was still blue.

Debra and I arrived together and sexy Lisa came in about 15 mins after. We went to Blue Mesa Grill which was the perfect title for me. The drinks were PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT…and it was happy hour. So I am now feelin good and ready to go to sleep. I charged my MP3 player so I could fall asleep listening to NKOTB album (…THE BLOCK…


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