No New Kids On The Block at GHOST BAR

Ok, bye the time we finished saying goodbye and head back to the hotel it is now around 11ish so I know I was not going to make the New Kids On The Block concert. The show started at 8pm so that was a no-brainer. Debra and I were exhausted and Debra still was not feeling well but we both still wanted to go out. We had talked earlier that day about a few of us going to The W. Hotel/GHOST BAR. Since the NKOTB concert was at the American Airlines which is directly across the street from The GHOST BAR we decided that we would go in get drinks and hope to see the guys. We didn’t make it out of the hotel until 12:35am. The GHOST BAR is bad ass, I LOVED the decor and they are doing more work to it. Because it got a little cool we didn’t sit outside but the view inside was so much better. Plus, I enjoy people watching. When we arrived it was packed with NKOTB fans everywhere. Some wore their old shirts, some wore new shirts and some looked liked sluts and a few were dress glam/stylish. We hit the bar and order mojito’s all night. They were excellent made cuz by the second one we were feelin good. We had a great time and just laughed and talked about everything. We didn’t see the guys but by that time it was cool.It was just good to be out and be dressed lookin like myself. We definitely had lots of drinks I just remember laughing all night at everything. We left the ghost bar at 2am cuz we were hunger and getting this buzz that we knew we needed to start heading back. Debra wanted JACK IN THE BOX so that’s where we stop to eat. We make it back to the hotel by 2:30am and we stayed up to watch SEX IN THE CITY. I don’t remember when we dosed off but at some point we did. GLAM LIFE OF A MAKEUP ARTIST

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  1. LOL! i laughed so hard all over again. dave was like…y’all were loaded! 🙂 my side hurts from laughing so much! i miss you! have so much fun this weekend!i got your message today so i am glad that david was able to help you out! so exciting! we’ll see if i pop up at the W.🙂

  2. girl, i couldnt put up the other two videos. to much…way to much…i know i was laughing as i was writing this blog. donnie wahlberg and the new kids got off from not seeing us on that night. donnie would not have been ready for our after party. but the ghostbar in dallas was hot!!!

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