The Last Day

WOW…it’s really the last day of the L’Oreal Tour. We have been together for 1 month and I can’t believe that the last day is here. Energy were good and everybody is excited about going home but at the same time we are going to miss each other as well. We are together for 12-14 hour a day so when your on the road and you deal with thousands of strangers a day you tend to lean on each other. It’s like being in a sorority type atmosphere. I am going to miss working with the crew so many good people that you build friendship with.

My girl Debra from Houston who is a makeup artist and own Renee Rae Makeup Studio was my partner in crime. We did everything together from working, to partying, to even getting sick at the same time. Because we have so much in common it was a pleasure having her on tour with me. Lisa, Cassie, Nicole, Sandra, Ryan, Monica, Lisa (Vanilla), Ananda, Tera, Natasha, Lashonda, Niveva and the list goes on of all the people who were a pleasure to work with.

We didn’t get out at exactly 10pm so I knew I was not going to see the NKOTB show. I really wanted to see the New Kids but I was having a great time afterward and saying goodbye that I was ok with not seeing Donnie Walhberg and the rest of the guys. Exchanged numbers and we took lots of pictures so I now have to check my myspace page cuz everybody will be sending over all the pics from that night. Christian and Lisa I will see in San Francisco on Friday and Saturday.

So below you will just see some fun shots of the crew from the L’Oreal tour.