San Francisco…I’m Here

I arrived in San Francisco on Friday night. I know I spent an entire day in the airport. That’s my only pet peeve about traveling is losing an entire day but I finally made it. Vanessa who was my roommate and Karen met me in baggage claim. Their flight came in at the same time as mine so it was arranged that we ride to the hotel together. While heading to the hotel we called the crew to see where everyone was. Karen spoke with Laura and said dinner was hooked up through Lucinda. Food and drinks was free so if we wanted sushi to head over. We went to the hotel first to check in and freshen up. By now I am starving don’t eat much hen traveling cuz I hate going to public bathroom.

We take a cab to dinner…the place was called Mas Shaki…at 2030 Lombard street…It was very dark and jam pack in there. It was like a bar/club/restaurant in back. Lucinda friend gave her a table that seated about 10. We were the last of the group to arrive so they had already started eating. The waitress came to take our orders…my order was the crunchy roll and teriyaki filet mignon with a glass of pepsi. Yeah, this is not a typo…I only had a pepsi. I didn’t want to drink since I had to get up at 5ish.

Because we were all just together for the tour it’s not like we had to play catch up. Ryan and Laura left together. Because my food had just arrived I could not leave with them. Christian kept trying to make me eat his tuna but I have to be careful which raw fish I eat. The last time I ate something Michael gave me it came right up.

Now Lisa don’t do sushi at all, it was so funny cuz she was throwing her food under the table like a child. My meal was amazing…it definitely hit the spot…I wasn’t playing around…after I tipped the waitress I was out. But see I warned everybody when I arrived my plans. I was eating then dismissing myself. They were able to stay out cuz they didn’t have to be at the event until 7:30am.

Lisa, Christian and myself all took a cab back to the hotel. When I got back to the room took a shower, ironed my clothes and got all my stuff together so in the morning I’m not trying to find everything. Plus, I always respect my roommate not making noise, and turning lights only. So ready for bed cuz I really don’t know what to expect tomorrow.


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