Womentality Interview-October issue

Below you will find the interview that was done a few month ago for the WOMENTALITY Magazine. This interview was so needed for me, meaning I really needed to share my story with many people especially the young girls and up-incoming makeup artists who think I just waved a magic wand and brought myself a makeup kit and assignments just landed in my lap. As much as I write on this blog and many know how outspoken I am I still find many people who don’t know me just don’t get it. I say this due to the emails and phone calls I get everyday…yeah everyday. Recently, I allowed my baby girl Shontell to go through my phone and write down all of my messages for me because I was just so overwhelmed with work and just on the second call she said she couldn’t do it. It’s just give me give me give me your work. Nobody wants to work hard anymore. Because, I won’t take in give away my assignments they think I’m a bitch. I share work with makeup artists I know, makeup artists who can produce, makeup artists who are loyal to me, makeup artists who are also out there grinding as hard as I am. There are two makeup artists (Keisha Williams & Javetta White)in the city who I refer to others when I can’t do the gig, they are out there grinding just like I am. Yeah, they work at the M.A.C. counter but they still grinding, creating a buzz just like I am for themselves. I have a lot of respect for them and vice versa. More so Keisha then Javetta, people think Keisha and I have gotten to work with celebrities because of M.A.C. Cosmetics but M.A.C. doesn’t have anything to do with talent and the hustle. So, I hope maybe reading this interview this will give people more insight of who I am and how hard I’ve work and still work. NYC & L.A. industry people are not calling me cuz they think I’m cute and because I have a fabulous makeup kit…but I really do. I am out there hustling and grinding and my work speak for itself.

I am glad that many young girls look at me as this GREAT person but I always tell these young girls and my daughter girlfriends; the real role model is at home…Their MAMA is the one who they should be given credit to. I am so glad that my daughter know how hard I work, she sees it. She doesn’t have to look at other women on TV to see what a strong woman is. Yeah, she thinks I am a little crazy, over the top, sometimes strict, sometimes don’t like me, very old school but she understands why I am so like that.

With that saying I am still going to start my non-profit for teens because it is so needed. When I travel I see and hear so much. Just sitting in the airport I listen and watch these girls. I am such a people watcher I just love to watch people. And I see so many girl that just need help from grooming to etiquette to fashion, to lovin themselves. I’ll keep you posted on that when I finally get enough time to start it up.

Well, enjoy the interview…heads up…there is a lot of typo’s…


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