Hornets Rally on Fulton

I know that I just came back from San Francisco and I should be home resting and/or getting things together for the fashion shows this week at the W. Hotel. But, I have been gone for a month that I needed to spend time with my baby boy and baby girl. So, they wanted to go to the Hornet’s Pep Rally that started at 5:30 on Fulton by Harrah’s Casino. So, I went out for a minute basically took a break from work and enjoy being with Jordan and Shontell.

Whenever I am gone for a long period of time it always feel funny coming back. Now, I don’t know who put this shit together but this was some pissy ass seem like a last minute rally. I know I am use to events being executed a certain way. But, it seemed like the marketing team just didn’t really think. I am so sure it’s a group of young interns or college students who handle this assignment. Because, if I was college degree adults then the organizations need to re looked at who they hired. I think we stayed out there for about 1 hour cuz it was just nothing else to do after the team left. The events for kids was so lame that Jordan was bored. Again, they must have not talked out what games or activities they would have for kids. Jordan was just disgusted with the two ladies who could not do his temp tattoo. It took then about 8 try’s so they finally gave him a stack to take home. I asked him if he wanted to maybe do the face painting and he said no.He tried when he got home and guess what…it worked. The lady told him they were old so some of the tattos’s don’t work. Jordan said the ladies must have been retired volunteers are something. I was trying not to laugh…he was really just upset. Michael asked Jordan did he have fun…Jordan said NO IT WAS PISSY!

It was just good to be with Jordan and Shontell so I didn’t mind much but I feel like it was just a waste for Jordan and Shontell cuz they really like the team and Shontell and her mom has season tickets. You know I don’t care for sports so it didn’t bother me that it was half ass as long as I had my drink.


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  2. girl, jordan is a mess. he has my personality. he can’t handle people who don’t have common sense. it upsets him as u can tell in his face. he dragged for the rally all the way home.

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