Gambit Weekly Photo Shoot

Today I had the Gambit Weekly photo shoot for their fashion spread called CUE. I have worked with Gambit so many times on so many assignments. So they are like family to me. We shot at a home in Lakeview and this is a home that we have used often and other magazines in papers has spotlighted this home. The house is very eclectic…remember the pic where the young lady is in the refrigerator and its stuff with tons of shoes. That house.

Theresa was the photographer…another regular to the team and the model was Rocio who I just worked with for the Austin Scarlett show. Kara loved her look and asked if she could use her for the shoot. So today was a fun day for me plus I am still hungover from last night. Hungover with emotions and happiness about our new elect President.

Even after the scare with Roico almost passing out on set we were able to get some amazing frames. The CUE issue should be out Nov 17th so look out for it.