Bridal Meeting

Domini Ramasamy my Indian bride came by today with her brother to go over the wedding on Saturday. After Roma Jolly wedding the bride that is related to our Governor Jindal I have been getting so many calls from brides from India. I am getting tons of Hindu weddings in 2009.

The meeting went well and she was such a delight. She wanted the Kim Kardashian makeup look so that was easy for me to do. She was so cute she said since I did Kim’s makeup then she knew I would be able to give her a dramatic eye. Kim makeup is always on point. She is still the best looking celeb client I have had that looks great without makeup. We also went over the girls look and we decided on a silver/gray smokey look.

Can’t wait for Saturday cuz I love doing makeup on women from India. They love makeup and they can wear eye colors very well. Plus, with Hindu weddings they have bling bling everywhere…my favorite


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