If Feels Like Christmas In NOLA

What a beautiful day it turns out to be…I was scheduled to go to Theresa house in Covington, Louisiana. Theresa is the photographer that I work a lot with. So, I received a call from Theresa around 8:32am to tell me we are going to have to reschedule because of the snow. So, you know me being an east coast girl I was like oh, I know how to drive in snow. But the bridge I have to take to get to her home they were shutting it down for a minute due to many accidents. That part of the city had 7-8 inches of snow so people were freaking out.

So, I decided that I will just enjoy having the entire home to myself today. I turned the computer on, the television, let the babies outside, made some cocoa, sprayed my bedroom with my d&g perfume, pulled my hair back in got into some warm clothing and jumped and bed. I started writing my article for the tomorrow entry for http://www.fashionindie.com and now I have to write for http://www.caribbeanposh.com Then I decided to bring the boys back outside but I needed to put their coats on because they are not use to cold weather. Since, I did not have the kids home I decided to play dress up with the babies and take them outside.

Within an hour Jordan school call to say they were releasing them NOW. So, I get dress again go get Jordan bring him home and he played outside with the babies while I made him some cocoa. When it started melting I brought him in changed his clothes and all four of us snuggle in bed and while they fell asleep I continued to write my articles. Then, I get this amazing call about this HUGE assignment that I may get in L.A. but can’t speak on it just yet. So, my day was nice and I plan to stay in all day. If everything goes well I will celebrate this Saturday at Adonis event at the Metro.


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