Adonis B-Day at Club Metro

Miss Marsha, stopped by to get her makeup done for her Christmas Party. I had to wait until she got off for her to stop by to get her face painted. She told me she was going to be wearing a black one shoulder jumpsuit. So, I knew I would give her a smokey eye application with a soft lip color. I love doing Marsha makeup because she always allow me to do what ever I want. I always get my way because I will only give her a look that will compliment her features. Sometimes she fights me but at the end I win…if she wants to look FAB, right????

After Marsha left, I only had a few minutes to get myself together so I could attend Adonis Birthday Celebration at Metro. Carlyn and I were suppose to meet up but Natalie and I ended up going together. While at the event Natalie mom Claudia, introduce me to lots of the Zulu members. Claudia asked if I would do their makeup again for next year Mardi Gras but this time she added on a few men. This year everybody is getting airbrushed. So, instead of getting beauty makeup I have to spray them with the black face. And they want a different look instead of the white eye and lip. I told them I would work on something and keep them posted.

Of course I volunteered Shontell, without asking:))


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