Body Sushi…Party All The Time

This was one of those really rushed crazy days. I had so many parties to attend plus work all day and still do a photo shoot this evening in Metairie by Jerome and Yolanda studio. The young lady we were shooting tonight is an up-n-coming R&B Singer. Brittany and I actually made it out there before everybody. I love that Brittany was trying to keep me on schedule as much as she possible could so we can make all of the other things that we needed to do that evening.

Of course, I could not make it to every party that evening so I was kinda of upset. If any of the holiday parties I really wanted to attend the party of the guys I lease from. I love them so much they are so awesome. I still needed to go back to the studio and take a shower and try to do something with my hair and makeup. Mind you it’s after midnight. By the time we start the night we are looking at 12:45 am. Brittany and I head to the W. hotel to meet my hubby. The W. Hotel was having body sushi tonight but because we were so late all of the good sushi was gone so we decided to leave and as soon as we did we walked right into Laine who was coming in to check up. But I was not in the mood to stay cuz the crowd was so young.

We walk down to LOA , a Sean Cummings spot. He also has the LOFT 523 …wait it’s called something else now…I think it’s now Le Phare. So we hang out, nice and relaxing and just catch up with whats going on with my schedule and all the assignments I have coming up in in Jan 09. Carlyn shows up really late and was she out of it…but she looked good and that’s all that matter. We order a few more drinks and got Carlyn a key lime pie martini. She never had one from this spot. My favorite place …and did she love it!!!

We stayed about another hour and headed home afterward cuz I did have an early morning.


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