Are You A Rockaholic?

Tigi Rockaholic products were created for the Rockstar with a fast-paced lifestyle. Your hair may not always get the attention it needs, but with Tigi Rockaholic the party never ends. Admit it, you are a Rockaholic. Define your style, don’t let it define you. Unleash your inner icon and get addicted to Tigi Rockaholic.


Leave-In Detangler & Defrizzer

Over partied hair will thank you for this lightweight formula. De-stress, detangle and defrizz your tired locks and keep hair looking freaking awesome. Use it as a cutting lotion for awesome slip and combability.


Dry Shampoo

This kick ass spray absorbs excess oils and odor to refresh your style between shampoos or spray just in your roots for volume and texture. Unbelievable texture provides the perfect canvas for session/fantasy work and updos.


Flexible Hairspray

Party on! Flexible hold and shine make styling and restyling quick and easy for hair that is ready to head bang! It also prevents dryness and protects from the sun and styling tools. Flexible, brushable hold takes style from runway to restyle in no time.


Shine Blaster

Shine like a rockstar! This lightweight shine serum will hydrate, nourish, smooth and restore damaged hair. Rock On! Speed up drying time while adding lightweight shine.

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