Geisha aroma M Perfume

American born artist Maria McElroy synthesized her love of blending colors and textures with her passion for scent. Blending her fragrances in a bottle is like mixing colors on a palate. The scent becomes pigment, the body becomes the canvas. The nose responds to scent like the eye to color. aroma M is among a handful of artisanal perfumers who today are collectively updating the fragrance industry, and are proud to be known as direction-setters. At aroma M they are ultra-modern in their choice of unexpected ingredients and novel combinations of ingredients, such as lychee with rose, and white chestnut blossom with muguet. The bottles come housed in their own hand-sewn drawstring pouches made from richly textured kimono cloth known as chirimen and adorned with a colorful chrysanthemum design, which is the symbol of the geisha. Scents from aroma M also come in roll-on perfume oils.

Geisha Eau de Parfum. Enhancing the pleasures of the senses even before they are sprayed onto the skin, Aroma M’s three signature eau de parfum—Geisha O-cha, Geisha Nobara-cha, and Geisha Hana-cha—come embellished with exquisite artisinal décor. With their vintage-looking packaging presentation, our trio of geisha perfumes will not only awaken and delight the sense of smell, but also the sense of sight and the sense of touch. In response to numerous clamorous requests, Aroma-M has re-launched two of our original perfume oils, Geisha Noire and Geisha Blanche as alcohol-based eau de parfum.

Geisha Roll-on Perfume Oils. Eight Geisha Roll-On Perfume Oils, each named for a scent-appropriate color, such as Geisha Marron and Geisha Green; these are available in slim, carry-able containers. Our perfume oils are designed not only to smell beautiful, but simultaneously to enchant the mind and the soul—to help relieve daily stress and promote composure and wellbeing. aroma M is gender-neutral. Men as well as women are attracted to our unexpectedly tantalizing perfumes, that do not follow traditional male-female scent divisions.

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