SUCRE…Wedding Cake

Instead going straight home after working Michael and I had to go to pick up our daughter report card and then we headed over to SUCRE on Magazine Street for their bridal event.

Tonight they are doing a bash for brides and vendors. You know I enjoy SUCRE goodies so I was excited about coming over. I invited my brides because I thought they would love to see an taste their amazing cakes. Nathan, my buddy who works at SUCRE and is a pastry chef…invited Michael and I. Hilliary, his girlfriend came over after work. She is such a sweetheart. The event was not open to the public so it wasn’t like a bridal show, which was good because they had a very nice crowd.

Robin, who is a wedding planner came through. I called her at the last minute so I am glad she was able to make it. We try to meet up once a month to catch up. You have seen Robin in my pics a lot. Robin, was the wedding planner for actor Sean Patrick Thomas who was in Barbershop and Save The Last Dance.

I had a great time, champagne and wedding cake…you know I was there. Nathan sent me home with so many different wedding cakes that I know I am going to be sick. I have a bottle of MOET at home ready for me. I can’t wait to hop in the tub and enjoy the rest of the evening…i can’t remember if I have to work early…i hope not!


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