Today Is Press Day for BGD

My morning started off with a phone interview with Times Picayune. Susan wanted the scoop on The Golden Globe and she also interviewed me about Michelle Obama. NO…I didn’t get that phone call…but I would be honor to do The First Lady Makeup. Susan wanted to know if I was her makeup artist how would I do her makeup for the big night. When she was asking me this question why did I have Kelder Summmers first lady of radio on my mind. Kelder is apart of the morning home team on old school 106.7fm radio station here in NOLA. Kelder had made a comment about Michelle on the radio and many of the listeners were upset about what she said. So, as Susan was asking me questions, I was just thinking about how many women in NOLA will be mad at me come Sunday. That’s when the article is coming out.

So after I finishes speaking with Susan I headed over to the studio to meet my Saturday bride to do lashes on her for her dinner. Then Kayla from CUE Magazine, the fashion insert inside of Gambit Weekly, called to do an interview on me about bridal makeup. I knew that CUE Magazine was doing a piece on weddings because they came out to the Austin Scarlett bridal event that I did and Greg Mills the photographer was taking mock pictures of me working. Kara told me that she would be in touch as it got closer to ask me some questions. But this was in October so I kinda forgot about it.

I received another package today from a company called “The Joy Of Soap”. They sent me 5 bars of scented soaps. So I can’t wait to try them all out. They must be reading my blogs to know how much I enjoy soaking in my bath tub. We have a nice size jacuzzi tub and I love just relaxing in it with my glass of wine and I have my candles lit and music playing in the background. My hairstylist Erin Carter always tease me about my bathroom. She calls it a sexy and grown folks bathroom. She cracks me up every time she comes over in say she is going to borrow our bathroom one day.

Tonight after I get home from the event at SUCRE’ I know what I will be doing. SUCRE’ event tonight is wedding cake and champagne…my favorite combo…


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