Lipstick Or Gadget? You Decide

Slated to hit cosmetic counters everywhere, Guerlain is introducing a lightweight, long-lasting lip plumper come April 1st. So, is this some kind of April Fools joke, or will this cosmetic gadget have evident results? The lipstick, ROUGE G de Guerlain will come in 25 shades and will contain a ruby powder, guaranteed to interact and protect from ultraviolet rays. It also contains mother-of-pearl, an agent which helps smooth and even the lip and reduce lip lines. As for the high-tech, gadget aspect of the lipstick, the metal packaging goes beyond the boundaries of sleek design and contain two mirrors to assist in application! So, spend $45.00 for a built in mirror or simply carry a compact in your purse? I guess Mother Recession will have an answer come April.

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