The Hair and Makeup How-To of Carolina Herrera, Fall 2009

The look for Carolina Herrera’s show on Monday was Beth Porter (ladylike) meets Shane McCutcheon (rough)…a look that had me head over heels in love. Makeup Artist Diane Kendal used makeup from M.A.C. Cosmetics at the show. With strict direction from Herrera herself, the designer wanted models to have a more luminous look. Kendal lined the models eyes with a nude shimmer pencil on the bottom inside of the eyelid. On the brow bone and cheeks, Kendal used a white pearlized pigment ( this technique allowed the light to pick up the shimmer when models walked down the runway). Foundation was applied very lightly, used more like a tinted moisturizer than a blemish coverup. To warm up the cheeks, Kendal used the M.A.C. Mineralize blush in peach and finished the look by using the popular “Twig” color M.A.C. lipstick and Dazzle Glass berry lip-gloss.

Working with T3, Hairstylist Orlando Pita was also given direct instructions by Herrera to style the hair as if models had rolled out of bed and done it themselves. To show off the neckline detail of her collection, Herrera instructed Pita that all hair was to sit high and simple above the neck. To achieve this look, Pita blew out hair with a T3 blow-dryer and T3’s Plump. He sprayed the hair with T3’s Renew dry conditioner and then finger-combed hair back to create a little volume with T3’s Control hairspray. The hair was tucked up and in, adding visible copper hairpins. Pita pinned small bronze flowers throughout the hair. The flowers were also used on the handbags and shoes for the show.

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