Catching up

I have been busy working in different cities, its really hard and exhausting. I am so far scheduled to be in New Orleans the rest of the week and next week as well for Mardi Gras. I have some clients for Mardi Gras this is why I am back home.

After, I got off last night from shooting a commercial with my favorite ad agency I get a call from a certain organization about doing their makeup for mardi gras day. They told me they could only pay $10 per person for air brush makeup and the silver glitter. I would have to start about 3am. I still have no answer still shaking my head but between Natalie, Shontell and my husband they have said more than enough for me. I think I went to bed still laughing about it.

I am working on my new blueprint for my career, its very overwhelming so many ideas so many ways to go. Its like picking the right door on a game show but its real not a game. I hope to take some dates off soon and go rent a cabin in just relax get away for a minute no phones no computer no fast pace city life just the nature and fresh nature water…water always relax me. Maybe our take the kids to the orlando condo, I am so overdue…

My blood pressure is back up. 158/116…I know, I know…I’m trying to slow down ts a lot of work. I just picked up my refill about an half hour ago. Hopefully, once I shut down the studio my pressure will get back to normal…I hope. Back to runnin, articles to write, paperwork, contracts, phone calls, packing studio, stuffing mail outs, then picking up kids, homework, finish with Jordan costume for school play tomorrow night, dinner…well tonight is family night dinner meaning something lite that the kids cook. More return calls, more paperwork, shower, then bed. Somewhere in there I'll spend time with hubby;)

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

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