Behind the Beauty: Kimora Lee Simmons

I was excited to see what MISS FAB Kimora Lee Simmons herself was going to come up with for her show at Fashion Week. This creative FAB girl’s inspiration was The New First Lady, Michelle Obama, for both hair and makeup. James Laliardos, the Creative Director of the makeup team, aimed for a classic beauty, keeping with what we love about Kimora…FABULOSITY!

Laliardos create a contoured face using a nude sculpting foundation and applying nude shadow into the eye crease to add definition. The lids were topped with a pinkish-gold for some sparkle and cocoa shadow on the brow bone to subtly separate the lid from the brow bone. Individual lashes were applied to make them semi-sexy on the top lashes, and black mascara in MAC Zoom Black for the bottom lash. A hint of gold glitter on the inside corner of the eye for radiance and a light coating of glitter across the lids to catch the runway lights. On the cheeks peach, pink or fuchsia blush was used depending on the model’s complexion for the most part he used MAC Pink Swoon blush at the top of the cheekbones. MAC Lip glass in Partial to Pink, a creamy lip gloss with a pale pink sheen completed the look.

Hair stylist Odie Gilbert turned up the volume by teasing the hair and pinning it in place for a WOW factor. Lots of tease spray, and curly extensions were added for extra volume.


MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

MAC Pro Beauty Powder/Loose in Drizzle Gold

MAC Eye shadow in Soba

MAC Pro Lip glass in Partial to Pink

MAC Pro Zoom Lash Mascara in Zoom Black

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