A quickie…

So I have about another 2 hours left to my lazy day before heading back to New Orleans. I am enjoying just laying in this big luxury bed doing nothing but surfing the web. Its actually kinda fun…when I get back home I have so much to do.

Shontell..I said it first “Happy B-Day”.

It's Britney Bitch…yes baby girl tomorrow.

My girl Khloe was quiet last night on The Apprentice. She looked cute. So proud of her.

I get to see my boys Chris and CJ Paul on the 5th. The boys are not big drinkers so I'll have their cocktails!

Thanks Beth for my FAB glasses. I broke my great pair of black sunglasses during Mardi Gras so Beth stop by yesterday to my home and dropped off a new pair. Michael called me cuz I wanted to go out in buy a pair today. I love receiving sweet gifts.

I have a bride this weekend at the Ritz and she also schedule makeup the night before if I remember correctly. So I am excited about that.

Then I have to start packing up the studio. I think I have to make it a party so I need to pick up some cupcakes and champagne.

Be home shortly,


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