Giorgio Armani’s trademark backstage look for fall: dramatic with strong made-up eyes.

The makeup was inspired from the eighties and Makeup Artist Linda Cantello used a new Giorgio Armani shade of red lipstick, number 14, which is due out in fall, to create a velvety lip.

The eye shadow used was dark purple that swept out on the side giving a smoky look. Black eyeliner was used at the top and bottom of the eye. Mascara on the top lashes only, no fake lashes, the eyebrows were left neutral and no blush was used.

I really loved this old glam elegant look. I don’t normally like to focus on both the eyes and lips simultaneously. It should be either strong eyes or strong lips, but this is a great look for evening. The hair has to be simple, off the face to be able to pull it off. Try it this weekend.

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