Checkin In

I checked into the W hotel at 8:01 pm. I am not really tired but just feeling blah. At the airport I purchased $46.81 worth of magazines to read on the plane and finishing reading the rest tonight.

I feel mentally drain I have so much to do back home that I don’t feel creative. I was hoping to have packed up the studio before leaving so I could have closed that chapter but didn’t happen. Celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson reached out to me so I need to email him tonight. I have to relax and surround myself around things I love so I can get my creative juice flowin. I need to write at least two articles tonight for fashion indie so I can have a head start.

This week is Shontell BDay so I know I will be flying home to celebrate with baby girl.

Ok, let me go getting late and I need to unpack, order food, take a shower in snuggle in this big bed. I brought some candles with me, I do that a lot when I travel I like bringing candles and air freshners. The W hotel is nice so I never have to worry about it smelling.


Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

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