Checking Into REHAB

I gotta check into rehab…cuz baby MAKEUP is my disease!!!

I am doing summer cleaning today since I am home in New Orleans all week. I never got around to unpacking everything from my studio when I closed the doors at the end of Feb of this year. My husband in his BFF moved everything out the studio the day before Easter so basically my studio has been sitting in the family playroom. The kids are not to happy about it cuz they can’t watch movies, play music, get on the internet or play those playstation and wii games. I been flirting with the idea every time I am home to clean in unpack but never have the time. Since this week they will be out of school I know they will want to be in this room for the summer.

So, as I clean today I keep finding makeup. Makeup stashed in bags, suitcases, bins, handbags, old makeup cases, victoria secret bag, target bags…seriously no joke. I am looking at almost $15,000 worth of makeup. Not including all my makeup that I retailed. I know I spent about $25,000 on getting that made and packaged. Now mind you, this total is NOT including my two makeup kit, my air brush kit and my duffle bag that I drag around with me everyday. This is just what I found while cleaning. I either forgot that I had it cuz I was hiding it from my husband, myself, or I just didn't have room.

What ever excuse I come up with I think I need some help, this is out of control. I can't believe in April I twisted my mouth to say to my husband I need to buy some makeup. One of my favorite makeup lines-NYX was having this crazy sale and I wanted to place an order.

Then makeup companies send me makeup to use on my celebrity clients or they sponsor makeup when I do events. I also have a suitcase full of individual and strip lashes.

When I first fell in love I never felt something so strong. Makeup was my lover and my best friend. All wrapped into one, with a ribbon on it! And I'll never give to myself to another, the way I gave it to you. Don't even recognize the ways you hit me, do you? It's gonna take a miracle to bring me back. And SEPHORA, MAC, L'OREAL, NYX, OCC, BEN NYE, SMASHBOX, MAKEUP FOREVER, your all the one to blame.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

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2 Replies to “Checking Into REHAB”

  1. i did a makeup workshop last weekend and the mua had a ton of mu too! i thought i had alot, NO! he also retails it, something i am considering…..

    but i mean everywhere i looked there were just tons of mu and brushes!!! i was in heaven! 🙂

  2. I try to put some of it in palettes but i still have so much more left. i dont have time to do ebay but if i find somebody to do it for me than i’ll sell it that way. until then it will just sit in cases. at least i have it organize so i know what i have.

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