Another Quickie

Quick update:

Well you know I have the Essence magazine video next week for Essence Music Fest that takes place here in NOLA in July.

I have the third shoot with Essence Magazine and they will interview our Mayor. And no the city is not paying me Essence is you non Nagin fans don’t go getting your panties in a ruffle.

I have two photo shoots on tomorrow one is a bridal shoot at 11am. My client is coming in from NYC and the second is for a magazine.

Using my girl MISS SASSY for an upcoming shoot.she has such a great face for makeup that I enjoy doing her makeup every chance I get, but don’t tell her. I told her today if she don’t wanna work out than I was going to make her a plus size model…she didn’t like that 😉

I have an all day wedding on Saturday and the news expect lots of rain this weekend.

Meeting with my new manager to touch base about my schedule the next 3 months.

Need to get the casting calls going. I need to find 2 makeup artists and 1 hairstylist.

Have to redo my makeup kit tonight cuz its a mess and I found so much makeup that it just need to get organized for travel dates.

Need to pack Jordan up tonight he leaves to go to Florida. Gonna miss my partner n crime.

Just lock in two more brides last night from the South Florida area.

Need to touch base with Natasha from YBF to see if she still wants me to do her makeup.I think my manager has that on her to do list.

Out of breath just typing this. Gotta go!

Glam Life of a Makeup Artist

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